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Most marketers are having nightmares about what consumer behavior will emerge as the pandemic slowly gets solved. I think it will be solved -this is America after all-although the journey will probably be bumpy.

Here is-drum roll please-a list of pureD guesses about the shake out.

Office buildings- There is a madcap rush to redefine space needs when many employees will work from home in the long term. The winners will be the nimble and creative (NAC) and unfortunately there will be some losers. We just don’t need all the space anymore. By the way, the NAC that will rise is the one who invents the space that responds to both work from home and the need for common space for culture-building human contact.

Home Remodels- There is a trend toward home remodels as people who are stuck in their present ones want new stuff. Like a kitchen or that pergola you always wanted. Home Depot will be a big winner.

Fashion-Think comfort clothing for a while such as athleisure. Haut couture (hey I speak French, see?) will take a nosedive for a period because their supply chain has been upset.

Retail Stores-It is already a giant plate of meadow muffins and some brands have taken a big bite. There is already a shake out and it may well turn out that Big Retail is on life support, but ‘buy online pick up in store’ (BOPIS) may save some brick and mortar lives. Contactless customer service will continue. You will also see people in non-mandated masks and it won’t look weird.

WalMart is different. The focus of WalMart will always prosper. Their low-cost provider discipline and extraordinary logistical expertise work for any sales climate including a nuclear winter.

Digital-King of the hill. There are going to be even more new ideas with sexy sounding razzle dazzle software and cooler than the other side of the pillow names. Those that put CX first instead of “we’re going IPO in 13 months” will be the survivors of this Gigabyte Gold Rush.

DIGITAL CITIZENS- Digital will become ubiquitous driven by the need for computers at home for kids to learn virtually. This will cross economic and racial lines. The other clear fact is digital commerce. It can’t be stopped, unless Gordon Gecko greed causes the government to put them to the pillories. Because of the shift to digital, Prime Day and Black Friday will be monsters. Last mile delivery and fulfillment will be overwhelmed.

ELON MUSK-I have thought for a long time he was a mile wide and an inch deep. Not anymore.
He doesn’t seem very likeable, but what mad scientist is?