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Bud Light Pulls a Bill Buckner

What is wrong with the marketing minds at Budweiser?

First they run Easy to Sunday tv which doesn’t differentiate BL at all. Take the Bud Lights out and insert your own beer brand and voila, you have a category commercial. Identifying your beer with the afternoon football experience is as hackneyed as you can get. I hope it helps, but the odds are the Modelo brain trust pee pees with joy when they see it.

Next they sign a sponsorship deal with Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is over reacting to their incredible mistake of the Dylan Mulroney so they are sexually lurching pillar to post.

The best news for Bud Light was a quip by one of the Budweiser family members who said maybe they might step back in and buy the brand. So sell it for a big price and buy it back for today’s market value. Not bad. Call it the Road to Perdition Discount. If it happened, it would free the brand of its recent past and set the stage for a Steve Jobs return to Apple. I wonder if Richard Dreyfuss would voice an anthem spot for a beer?