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In the next images I'd like to show you around Dallas.
In the next images I'd like to show you around Dallas.

David A. Gravelle, discovered a profound professional truth during a parachute jump: marketing and jumping share remarkable similarities. Both require you to leave the safety zone and embrace the suspense of the journey. But while you should never jump without a parachute, in marketing, the most brilliant ideas often require you to take that leap.

With over 30 years in the industry and a decade as a brand manager, David established Gravelle Branding/Marketing in 2007. We exist to collaborate with individuals and organizations who believe their brand isn't just contributing to growth; it is the jet fuel to growth.

A Momentous Marketing Career

David spent two decades building Richards/Gravelle into an integrated advertising and PR force. His vast category experience spans across multiple industries, from financial services and healthcare to biotechnology and non-profit organizations, and even includes a presidential center and a Super Bowl.

From 1975 to 1986, David spearheaded marketing for MCorp, Texas's largest bank holding company at the time. He managed the CLIO award-winning Momentum advertising campaign and expertly handled communications for over 30 acquisitions and an initial public offering of common equity.

He oversaw the renaming of 125 entities, handled graphics, and signage, and established a unified product naming system for all banking entities. Additionally, he led communications for MPACT, a major proprietary nationally known ATM network.

A Community Leader & Adventurer

David is a dedicated community leader, he is currently a commissioner of the Texas Historical Commission and has served on the boards of Texas State Historical Association and the Clements Center. He has also been the past president of the Dallas Assembly and the Dallas Museum of Natural History (now Perot), and has been on other boards including Hockaday and the Dallas Film Society. 

He recently concluded his term as president of SMU's Town and Gown Club. Notably, he's a member of the Krewe of Orpheus and has experienced unique adventures, from riding Mardi Gras floats to climbing mountains like Rainier and Fuji, completing an outward-bound survival course, making military parachute jumps, and running over 36,000 miles. He also enjoys staying active, working out daily, watching movies, and reading.

Education, Family, & Passion

With a B.B.A. and M.B.A. in marketing from Southern Methodist University, David embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and has taught a course on movies at the SMU Continuing Education program. He and his spouse, Linda, are proud parents of two adult children.

“I’ve been lucky to have worked with some great leaders.
Like a jumpmaster, they give you the confidence,
or the shove, to jump into thin air.”

-David A. Gravelle

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"My daughter and I made a sunrise
ASCENT OF MT. FUJI It was cold as"

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"Linda and the Bush Center Brand
Consultant CRASH the opening ceremony."

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"No, I wasn't channeling DON KING."

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"Linda and I have a glass of wine
ONLY when we're thirsty."