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Three headlines just this week.

Amazilla Studios the movie and television production unit of-you guessed it- Amazilla just hired the head of NBC Entertainment. This is more of a ramping up as a CEO replacement.

It reemphasizes one of Amazilla’s key strategies which is to leverage its brand presence and market understanding into other lines of business. With their gigantic base of customers including its Prime customers who pay for the privilege of buying from them, Amazilla may never find a category it can’t enter.

One sour note: creative producers have been complaining about Amazilla’s interference in the creative product. I am sure the new CEO will address that, but my guess is that Amazilla’s culture can be described as “We’re Amazilla and you’re notâ€. With all their amazing and headline grabbing success, it is hard to be humble.


The big Z has announced plans to enter the parcel delivery category. That will put them in the wheelhouse of UPS and the mighty FedEx. They will use their “test, learn and build†approach.

The slight spin is that they will pick up packages at business that are already their merchants and deliver them direct to consumers. It isn’t a stretch that ‘Zilla will pick up packages as well. With the Whole Foods engorgement, er, acquisition, ‘Zilla will have a physical platform available to leverage.

This puts them in head-to-head competition with two goliaths who are already Amazilla’s shipping partners. So much for partnerships. Being a ‘Zilla partner is like riding the Tiger.


‘Zilla will offer three hour grocery delivery to it’s Prime customers. Surprised? Me neither.