The most vivid example of a brand competing in the national political category is Brand Trump.

Like him or not, he has dominated the last 12 months of political dialogue. He seems omnipresent in almost every media outlet including the conversations at the water cooler, Junior League lunch and golf cart. Is he on Pokémon Go? I haven’t heard. Before he threw his red baseball hat in the ring, he was already a well known brand due to his multiple branded adventures: tv show, golf courses, buildings and wealth. And marriages.

How did his brand enter the political realm? He disrupted it. He literally crashed the party.

If you make a checklist of the criteria for extending a known brand into a new category, he checks them off.

A lightning strike launch:
-Build a wall

A memorable logo:
-His hat

A demonstrable difference in the primaries:
-Who was like him?

A theme line that works on multiple levels:
-Make America Great
-Make America Strong
-Make America Safe
-Make America Work

A brand that disrupts the status quo:
-He harpooned his own party! (well, it was more like a Trident missile)

And now he has a posse of spokespeople all named TRUMP. Talk about unmistakable brand megaphones.

Think of what the news cameras saw, heard and lapped up, not with a spoon, but with a backhoe:
-Hair. Hat. Jet. Wall. McCain. Megan. Little Marco. Lyin’ Ted.

I believe this has been in the works (his head) for some time.

He has proved something that you don’t have to like a brand in order to vote for it. This is like flying the old Continental Airlines out of Newark.

Stay tuned boys and girls, we’re in for a bumpy ride.